Minimum Viable Product

Startup enviornment needs fast paced development so as to test their idea again and again unless we find the holy grail which strikes the right cord with the intended audience. At Logieagle, we understand the startup mindset and are ready to strech the extra mile to ensure quality & timely delivery and also open to iterations.

We clearly leverage the most successful market-worthy approach into Startups that simply scale high.

Our approach to move Startup into Scaleup

There are few critical factors we need to consider in our development while working with startups

a. Agile development methodology and to clearly define the deliverables for each sprint
b. Timelines for delivery
c. Minimizing dev cost
d. Choosing the right set of development technology

As a step one, we sit extensively with the startup team to understand the idea, approach, onset of idea, industry and all other relevant information so that we understand the concept and are able to discuss the development plan in client’s language

Decide on the technology we use for the MVP. If something can be quickly achieved with just designs / or a excel based functional version, we prefer the same to quickly test the idea and keep iterating with such fast prototyping technologies. The idea is to collect maximum client feedback by doing A/B testing etc

Move the development for the current sprint in parallel with the discussion for the next sprint so that there is a continuous development/UAT testing funnel

We ensure that the startup team is deeply involved in the development process to ensure we are not diverting from founder’s idea.

Why should you choose us?

We are known for our detailed market research in MVP & focussed approach which makes us a leading MVP development company in India. You will be surprised with our detailed focus on each piece of the development cycle.

Choosing Logieagle as your partnered MVP development company in India comes with its benefits. Our MVP model is startup-friendly, cost-effective, and ensures that your product is launched quickly to get valuable insights on your product quickly. Happy to get on a quick call with you to understand your beautiful idea and grasp its potential. Lets connect!