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We work as one team with clients and gauge our success on their satisfaction level

Logieagle is one of the leading IT service provider company in India. We are ethically motivated to ensure that we act as your business growth agency. As your IT service partner, we are able to assist you with all your IT needs ranging from Excel based analysis, Digital analytics, Website Development, ERP solutions, bespoke tools and online marketing services.

We are a 360 degree digital agency for all your IT needs.

We’ve helped multiple clients over the years to achieve their digital dreams and revive their operational processes and market visibility. In the process, we have been happily rewarded with our client’s trust and long term partnerships.

We are motivated to ensure our clients get the best service experience at each juncture.


We focus on solving SME’s pain points by deploying bespoke and cost effective software solutions

We challenge ourselves at every occassion to ensure superior world class delivery

Being an IT service provider company and a Online marketing services provider company, we have the unique opportunity to interact with companies from different industries. This has helped us to get an insight into the problems faced by clients and also learn from the best practices followed by clients across the world. With this wholesome knowledge, we find ourselves adequately placed to pivot your growth and be a business growth agency. Our unique value proposition is what makes us the best IT service provider company

Detailed discussion with Client team

Our focus is to understand your pain points – what is exactly stopping you from performing better?

Crisp solutions to your problems

When the problems are unique, how can one solution fit all approach work? We brainstorm internally to come up with custom solution to your problems.

You are at the centre of each delivery

Each new software developed is a fresh take for the client problems with no shortcuts.

Industry best practices

We follow industry best practices to deliver a fast, responsive experience.

Unparallel UI/UX

User interface and experience are custom made to give the best possible solution.

24/7 Support

We provide the best support to our clients so that they can focus on their core business. This isour USP.

We Make it Easy to Connect With Users On Every Platform

Today’s customer is tech savvy and is looking for the easiest way to finish their task. Your presence across the spectrum – Web, Tablet, mobile is imperative to ensure you have a sales presence in each direction where the client is looking to connect with you.

On the other hand, your operations can become more productive by selectively choosing the right set of device and application as an enabler.




Success Stories

It’s been a pleasure working with Jitesh and his team over the last 2 years. He understands business requirements accurately and comes up with sound solutions. The development work is executed quickly and delivered to specifications. He and his team are always available to provide continuing support and fixed issues/bugs very swiftly. We have many more projects in the works and look forward to working on them together into the future.

Nizri Nizar

Nizri Nizar

Sahl Holdings Pvt Ltd

We have been working with Logieagle and Jitesh Patel for 3 years now. He has done several amazing jobs for us, and we are very happy with this cooperation. Jitesh is an honest and hard-working person, and he always delivers on time and on budget.We give him and his team the highest recommendation.

Jørn Herbrand Dølving

Jørn Herbrand Dølving

Merverdi As

I have been working with Jitesh and the team at Logieagle for about 2 years and in this time completed a few developments for my company. We have developed add ons for our CRM, organic tools for back costing, and a few other tools for our team to use within our business. All of these tools were tricky- they needed API connections and relied on other third party apps/tools and had to be built around existing infrastructure. If unsure please google my company and get in touch if you have any questions regarding working with Logieagle



The shower man Melbourne

Great freelancer, Did exactly what I asked and explained carefully when what i asked was ignorant.

Andrew Scott

Andrew Scott

I had a great experience working with the Team and am very pleased with the final product. He produced a solution ahead of schedule and with customizations that helped me organize data more efficiently.

Morgan Smith

Morgan Smith

Our Team

Jitesh Patel
Kena Patel
HR Manager
Bhavik Gajjar
Bhavik Gajjar
Tech Lead
Bhavin Darji
Tech Lead
Harish Sharma
Senior Developer
Suman Kaithwas
Senior Developer
Hilal Abdul Salam
Data Analyst
Mahaveer Prajapati
Data Analyst
Rajesh Thakor
Sarfarajkhan Bhatti
Junior Developer


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